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The Rune Diaries


5/19/09 04:16 pm - official_jagex - RuneScape Update - Missing My Mummy

There are many secrets hidden in the depths of the desert. Forgotten tombs of forgotten rulers from a forgotten time, when the world was a very different place...or at least they were forgotten. The spread of human civilisation, however, means that many of the hidden corners of the world are being uncovered, often by treasure-hunters with little regard for preserving the sanctity of these ancient places.
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5/4/09 04:03 am - hisensei808 - Alooooooooooha!

RS Name: Hisensei808
Total Level: 1856
Members/Non-Members?: Mems
Quest Points: al of em
Favorite Skill: Maging, Runecrafting, and Herbore
Least Favorite Skill: Hunting
Highest Level: 99 Mage
Lowest Level: Hunting (obviously) 58
What are you currently working on?: 99 RC; 82 herby; 80 Smithering;
Greatest achievement thus far: 99 Mage
Goals: 99 RC (91 At the moment).

Also creator of a small clan of "fun" people called: Clan PnW. Always looking for new people to "play" with. Feel free to join us: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=87167624712

Take care.

5/3/09 05:15 pm - therealkarity - Hello everyone. ^^

RS Name: Fiona_Rokkar
Total Level: 485
Members/Non-Members?: Member
Quest Points: 36
Favorite Skill: Cooking, Crafting, Fishing
Least Favorite Skill: Firemaking
Highest Level: 53 Fishing and 43 Cooking
Lowest Level: 1 Slayer, Hunter, Farming, Runecrafting, Construction
What are you currently working on?: Fishing
Greatest achievement thus far: Level 50 Fishing
Goals: 99 Fishing and 99 Cooking
Started Playing: A LONG time ago but for this account not even two weeks

4/28/09 02:14 pm - official_jagex - Summoning Upgrade and Hairstyles

One of the core aims of Upgrade Year is that we take a close look at existing content and make it better – this week this concerns Summoning and hairstyles: better usability, more pets and the return of the fringe.
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4/21/09 05:30 pm - official_jagex - Tale of the Muspah

Experienced adventurers will be familiar with Fremennik rites of passage, and the difficulties they present. It’s little wonder, then, that Fremennik children are always on the lookout for an easier path to adulthood, and Erjolf is no exception. Full of enthusiasm but short on skills, Erjolf will need your assistance if he is going to impress his kinsfolk.

Join him in his quest for a trophy, unravel the puzzling story behind a curious corpse, and discover the dark secrets of one of the most fearsome races to ever walk in Gielinor. You may find one or two useful allies along the way, who are willing to lend a helping hand.

It’s been great to work on a quest that involves one of RuneScape’s most mysterious races, and develop a plotline that’s been around since the early days of RuneScape. This is the first part of a new quest series, and paves the way for following quests.

Mod Roderick
RuneScape Content Developer

6/27/08 01:04 am - tool - Legends

6/19/08 03:26 am - st_squiggy - 1600 Woot =D

Woot, and it was done all through Firemaking and Woodcutting (which I got 60 Firemaking as well =D)

X-Posted torunescapelounge

6/15/08 11:00 pm - j_e_k_k_a - Hello There...Again o.O

First of off, I want to apologize for not being that active in this community. In fact, I  haven't even been very active in my journal either :S I've been burying my head in rs lately...for this very accomplishment:

yays :D

6/14/08 02:39 pm - runiteminer - Slaying

i have been slaying alot and its kinda getting boring/annoying...i keep getting dragons iron/black i really dont mind them but out of the last 7 tasks it has been Wyverns,  iron drags, fire giants, iron drags, daggs, iron drags, black drags... i finally got a fun task which was gargoyles i love em. im still considering switching back to sumona...sorry for how this written, cant really think fully atm...ill be posting a few Lvl 3 clues soon.

6/13/08 09:23 pm - jmycenae - Fabulous clue scroll rewards

I have been having crazy good luck all day, since Runescape managed to get their server back up, both with monster drops and clue scrolls. I've been training slayer, and got mystic robes and lava battle staffs and such for drops. Also several clue scrolls - I think I have done about 4 clue scrolls today (no, I didn't have a life today!) and got amazing things for rewards too. Like earlier I got Saradomin bracers, and I just finished a very simple treasure trail from a dagannoth clue scroll which rewarded me with gilded green dragonhide chaps and TWO pairs of ranger boots! Sold one for almost 5 mil and am keeping the other!

I have never had such crazy good luck. I have heard that other people have had really good luck today with drops and clues also. Is this deliberate on the part of Jagex? Maybe to make up for being offline earlier today? Or make some kind of point about Friday the 13th not being unlucky after all? Or perhaps they have it calculated so that the more clues you do in one day the better the rewards?

Or I could just be unaccountably lucky! I suppose for the next 20 clues I'll get nothing but mind runes and lobsters!
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